Monday, March 9, 2009

Witchhunters: part 3

Here's the last update for the Witchhunters so far. I've allready started work on my next projects. Photo's of them will follow soon.

However now it's time to take a look at the members of my Witchhunter warband that were modelled, converted and painted recently by me.

I'll start of with two Hounds, I've got 4 of them in total but I don't think they are that special.

Next are two Witchhunters, the first one is a stock metal model. The second one is made with plastic components from the Mordheim Mercenaries sprue.

Now come the first conversions I've done since I've started work on my miniatures again.
First is a metal model which comes from the Witchhunters boxed set as a Zealot. However I gave him a flail / morning star that is made from the pole of plastic lantern and a bell from another GW sprue. I'll use him as a Flagellant ingame, allthough I know that these Henchmen can't use shields the people I play aren't that strict regarding WYSIWYG.

The second conversion I want to show is a model that will be used as a Zealot. I like the mad setting of Mordheim and for this conversion I was inspired by some models in 40K who carry a banner in their backpack. The parts I used were the pole from a Lantern, a plastic skull and the book from the Mordheim mercenaries sprue. I also created a torch by chopping of the top of a club and making a flame with some greenstuff.

Last is my first serious attempt to adding some bigger parts on a model with greenstuff. The idea was to create a Henchman who has a wicker basket on his back as a backpack which will be filled with Wyrdstone shards. The left arm was also created from various parts as there was no shooting left hand with a pistol. I also added a walking cane that has a heavy metal head which can be wielded as a mellee weapon. Last I added a plastic sword with a purity seal.

Overall I'm pleased with the results and in my opinion my paintwork hasn't gone back in quality. I hope I'll see my paintwork improve soon but what I really want to focus on is my sculpting.

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