Friday, March 13, 2009

A new project: Tau

As stated in my prist post on this blog, I've also been involved in a bit of Warhammer 40K before I quit. I started out collecting the first bits of a Tau army. I purchased the following items back then:

- Tau codex
- A box of Firewarriors
- An old Tau battleforce
- 6x metal stealthsuits

Back then the battleforce box contained the following items:

- 3x Crisis suit
- 12x Firewarriors
- 12x Kroot
- 10x Drone

Of those items I worked on a load of stuff but only a handfull items were completely finished before I quit the hobby.

Below are foto's of what I've completed prior to quiting.


A lone Drone:


Now since then I've assembled all the models I had laying around so my current project is painting all the stuff I've assembled of the last days which sums up to:

- 20x Firewarriors
- 4x Kroot
- 11x Drones

Which looks like this when put together:

All in all a lot of work that will keep me occupied for the the coming weeks / months. Espescialy because it will be mixed with finishing the other models of my starting Tau army.

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