Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tau: Stealthsuits

This week I completed work on the Stealthsuits. I they allready had paint on them and I must say that the paintwork progressed very fast on them. Seeing that they are cast in once piece except for their backpack they are easy models to paint and work on hem goes faster then plastic Firewarriors.

I'll start with showing the old state they were in before I did anything to them. Back then I tried painting some camo / disruptive pattern on the barrel of their weapons. However I wasn't that happy with it so I decided to repaint it with Camo Green.

Here is the before picture:

After 4 to 6 hours in total I completed work on them and this is how the finished models look:

Squadmarkings will be painted on later on, but for now I'll continue working on the bulk of my army.

On my workbench at the moment are a Tau Ethereal and a Kroot Ox. I expect to post pictures of them within two weeks.

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  1. nice! also good to see some more alternative tau colours thans just the usual vomit brown-camo thing