Saturday, March 7, 2009

Witchhunters: part 1

As allready mentioned in my previous post I'm not new to wargaming. After deciding I wanted to start working on modelling and painting again I thought it would be best to set simple goals to keep my motivation up.

My first goal was to finish painting my Witchhunter warband for Mordheim. A couple of the models were allready finished, some halfway done and a part not even assembled.

In this series of posts I'll be showing what I've accomplished since I started working on my models again. Today I'll start with posting pictures of the Witchhunters that were painted by me around 5 years ago.

I'll start with my Witchhunter that normally plays the role of captain

My 2nd Witchhunter

And as last picture my Warrior Priest which is actually a 40K model.

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