Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Varnish: Testors Dullcote

When I unpacked all my wargaming materials I came across an old can of GW Matt Varnish. I don't know if this one is still useable but seeing that is more then 5 years old I'm at least going to test it first on a testmodel before I start coating my new paintwork with it.

On dakkadakka.com I've the tip to coat my models with Testors Dullcote. It's seems to be one of the best matt varnishes out there. And most serious modellers that have used it says that there is no better matt varnish.

So I set out to find it in a Dutch / European webshop and the only shops I easily found were in the UK and wouldn't ship outside of the UK. After doing some extra research I came across the following information:

Testors Dullcote (spray) contains Toluene; which is now banned within the EU. As such the "traditional" Testors Dullcote Aerosol can not be legally sold anywhere within the EU.

Testors have today informed us that they are working on a new formulation of Dullcote (spray) but it may be another couple of months before it is done and able to be shipped out to the EU.

We will announce when we have the new formulation in stock and do some testing to see if it maintains is excellent matte abilities, until then it seems sensible to avoid buying the aerosol from any other sources, as anybody selling it will be breaking the law. However, given that it has taken us almost two months to find out why though it seems likely that other retailers are not aware of the situation.


The information above is a year old now, I checked the material safety datasheet on the Testors site and the spray still contains Toluene. So I'm going to stop the search for Testors Dullcote for now and going to look for alternatives. Of course I'm open to any tips but I'm also going to make use of the following information I found on a German painting site:

Varnish list

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  1. You can purchase in the EU from Antenociti's Workshop http://www.barrule.com/Workshop/index.html