Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tau: Ethereal

In an earlier post I reported that I purchased some new models for my Tau army on the net. Of course I couldn't resist starting work on them and today I finished the first of these models.

I painted this Tau Ethereal in a week or so. But I didn't take any wip picture of him.
I tried to practice my shading and highlighting skills on him. It was also the first time for me to paint Tau skin. I also gave the gems some special attention to create a good lighting effect on them.

Here are the results:

Seeing that today is also the last day of the month I'm going to reflect on the work done. I'm very pleased with the amount of work I completed this month. In the past I haven't been a very productive painter and I'm happy to see myself making progress on my army.

I think the main thing that has helped me accomplish this is by dividing my work in small sub-projects and to not get distracted by other projects. Finishing the models I'm working on before I start on something new does the trick for me.

All in all I completed the following this month:
- Finished my Witchhunter Warband for Mordheim, 15 models in total
- Assembled all the infantry + drones for my Tau army, 35 models
- Painted 11 Firewarriors + 1 Drone for my Tau Army
- Painted 6 Tau Stealth suits
- And last but not least the Tau Ethereal

Today I also recieved a package containing 100 small rare earth magnets for a future project: Magnetised Crisis Suits.

At this point i don't want to set any targets for next month. Currently there is only a lone Kroot Ox on my workbench that is 33% painted. Once I finish him a next sub-project will be started.

See you in April!


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