Sunday, March 22, 2009

First Firewarriors done

As stated before I completed work on my first batch of Firewarriors. I added some detail work to the Firewarriors and single drone I allready had painted up. Here is the result of the touched up models.

I also completed work on the first batch of seven Firewarriors. The paintwork is a bit different then that of the old ones. But it wont look strange when placed on the tabletop. And I personally think that the new paintwork looks better.

I'll start with posting pictures of how the model progressed through the painting proces.

The fatigues were basecoated with a mix of Chaos Black and Dark Angels Green. Afterwards they were drybushed with Dark Angels Green followed by a light drybrush of Snot Green.
The body armour was painted with Camo Green taking care to not paint the lines between the armour panels.

After this the weapons were painted with Camo Green as well and details were picked out. I didn't want to go overboard on the detailwork cause I don't want to spend ages on these models and want to have a finished army.

I painted the shoulder guards seperatly so they wouldn't make it to hard for me the paint the model. I glued them on and proceeded with cleaning up the paintwork.

Models were then based with sand which was painted black and drybrshed with grey and white. Afterwards small clumps of static grass were applied as well.

The finished result:

Now that I finsihed work on these models it's time for something new. I'm currently working on two sub projects.

First I'm assembling the Kroot Ox that I bought last week. I'm surprised by the amount of work cause it doesn't fit very nice and requires a lot of filing, fitting and putty work.

The second project I'll be working on is finshing the paintwork on my old metal stealthsuits. I like the new plastic models a lot but for now I'm not spending money on them.


  1. Nice models. I like your approach to finishing one thing before starting too many others (like I always do ;) Maybe you want to take a look at my tutorial on converting bradsides an advancedtautactica.

  2. Thanks Cannonfodder, I still have a load of unfinished work for Warhammer, 40k etc. and that's what got me burned out years ago. I try to cut my work in managable chunks so I get the gratification of finishing something on a regular basis.